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About ST

The Union of Civil Servants

Fackförbundet ST is the only union in Sweden that focuses exclusively on organising employees in the public sector. We believe that everyone benefits from being a member of the same union rather than belonging to different unions depending on their profession.

Membership of ST costs less than many other unions, but still includes a lot. You get everything from income protection, career services, bargaining support and opportunities to improve your working conditions.

When people who support and serve the public are able to focus on their core work, they are a positive force to be reckoned with. Our role is to ensure that public servants have the right conditions to do their job to the best of their ability. This benefits not only our members, but also the citizens we work for.

ST is a member of TCO and we are not affiliated to any political party. When we take a stand on political issues, we do so in the interests of our members - never in the interests of a political party.

Facts about us

  • We have around 95,000 members
  • We have 6500 - 7000 elected representatives
  • We have 97 sections for government agencies and state companies
  • 60 per cent of our members are women
  • Our members pay about one percent of their salary in membership fees

ST is politically and religiously independent.

About the Swedish Model

The Swedish Model can be summed up in one word - cooperation. It means that trade unions and employers' organisations agree together on the best conditions in the labour market, without the government interfering in every decision.

Those closest to the issues make the decisions for their respective labour markets. And that makes sense, doesn't it? Who better to discuss a particular labour market than those who actually work in it? That's the Swedish model. And ultimately it leads to happy and creative people in the workplace, while providing employers with opportunities for flexibility. A real win-win situation.


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